About Us

Lash Life was formed in 2018 by a makeup lover that could never find the perfect lashes to suit her sensitive eyes. Created with style, low cost & most importantly, comfortability in mind!

I'm sure we can all agree there's nothing worse than a heavy and stiff lash band. That's why Lash Life aims to provide you with the most comfortable, lightweight & flexible cotton banded false lashes on the market, while also being kind to our animal friends with cruelty free & vegan materials.
Our Faux Mink & Silk 3D lashes are super soft, fluffy and reusable up to a massive 20 times. 

We offer affordable prices for gals on a budget with prices up to $17.99! 

Makeup Artist & Bulk buying discounts are also on offer, further creating the most affordable prices for you.

♥️ We hope you love our gorgeous lashes! ♥️